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How do we evolve our brand so customers choose our products based on their lifestyle?


As part of one of the world’s largest medical device companies, Medtronic Diabetes wanted to re-engage with its customers in a new way. They asked how we could increase their brand resonance with patients and care givers, and evolve customer relationships from choosing products based on clinical relevance to choosing Medtronic’s brand because it fit with their lifestyle.

We evaluated the drivers for Medtronic Diabetes’ customer choices, evaluated competing brands, and developed a big tent communications concept that appealed to the aspirational aspects of its brand: Life Your Exceptional Life, which was adopted across Medtronic.

The Live Your Exceptional Life concept was dynamized with dramatic photojournalism-style personal portraits of patients living life on their terms. This new visual identity worked in conjunction with the verbal identity to emphasize how Medtronic delivers “Further, Together.”

With new brand guidelines and a new communication architecture in place mapping to the lifestyles of patients and their caregivers, we helped Medtronic re-engage with is customers in a new way, and rebrand and reposition itself as a leading patient advocate.


We created a new patient-centric integrated marketing campaign for Medtronic Diabetes that helped engage its customers.

65% more visitor time on its website

20% more pre-qualified marketing leads

48% more website click-throughs

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 3.03.19 PM.png

We helped Medtronic rebrand and reposition itself as a leading patient advocate by creating:

  • 3 – 5 year market strategy
  • Big tent communications concept
  • Communication architecture
  • Audience messaging
  • Creative, copy and design
  • Integrated all-media communications campaign

Live your exceptional life.

This concept is brought to life with dramatic photojournalism-style personal portraits of patients living life on their terms. Our visual identity works in conjunction with our verbal identity to emphasize how we deliver “Further, Together.”


MiniMed 630G Campaign

We promoted new product features and technology while maintaining the established essentials to maintain and evolve Medtronic Diabetes’ new consumer-facing brand.


MiniMed 670G Campaign

Medtronic launched the world’s first hybrid closed loop (HCL) system - the closest thing to an artificial pancreas. We created messaging hierarchy that enabled balanced lifestyle and technology storytelling while pushing Medtronic’s brand guideline limits, and focusing on the most important moments in time for a type 1 diabetes patient.